Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day in SC

Hey y'all! Now I know all you northerners are laughing your heads off at us southern folk, but we are not used to this weather! Now we only got a few inches, like 2 or 3, but that was enough to shut down all the schools and businesses in my area. Schools even got out early yesterday before anything happened at all, just in case. We had a wonderful snow day today filled with sledding and warm chicken soup. Schools in the area are delayed tomorrow but still in session, much to the dismay of my little sister.
But as the snow day ends my chest is now hurting a bunch, especially when I cough. My cough is never ending. But according to my doctor's appointment Monday, my pfts were up higher than they have been in a long while. So that's good! But what is not good is I still feel awful and my doctor is at a loss at what to do. My pfts never seem to stay up anymore. It is almost as if I can feel them dropping with every breath I take.


  1. Hi, sorry to be away a bit, but we've been dealing with snow somewhat
    ourselves. I always love to see snow when it's falling, it makes every-
    thing look magical & new. Afterwards, however, it's just a pain to deal
    with it all. Anyway, did you get the rental house? I've been thinking
    about you in that wet, moldy apartment, and wanting you to get out of
    there ASAP!

  2. Unfortunately I did not get the house. Someone else managed to get it first, but I'm still looking! I cannot wait to get out of this place!