Monday, February 10, 2014

Well I do declare!

Hey y'all! Good gracious it has been awhile! I've been a busy bee lately. I have been taking my time off of school to do things I'm passionate about: baking and painting canvases!
I have also been running up and down the roads to various doctor's appointments. I had to get my eyes checked for diabetes damage (where the nurse that saw had just came back to work that day after having the flu and all her children had it). She was still sneezing and sniffling all over the place. I also had to see endocrinology where I now have to take a shot every time I eat along with a shot at night. I also have to check my blood sugars four times a day.  I feel like a human pin cushion. My fingers are all bruised as well as my stomach from all the poking! But now that my blood sugar is under control I am hoping to maybe gain some weight! I still feel awful so that sucks but I'm not ready to be back on IVs again so suffer I shall.

For all those who have not seen Foreverland and 65_RedRoses, I highly recommend both! They are really good. I must admit I teared up at both of them. They need to make a really great, really popular movie about CF. I think it would give CF more publicity and therefore we would be as well known as cancer. We need to be more proactive at fundraising. I wish CF was as well known as say breast cancer.

Another thing I want to touch on is how CFers can make other CFers feel bad without even knowing. Like for instance I know some CFers who are like "there's no excuse not to get out and do something everyday" "I work out everyday no matter how sick I am" "I eat so healthy and now I don't have to take any medications." Sorry y'all but shut up. Some CFers can get offended. Sometimes it's a struggle to pull yourself out of bed. Hell, sometimes it's a struggle just to breathe. Some people just cannot get up and work out everyday. So saying there's no excuse makes them feel like there is something wrong with them and that they are lazy. Also some people do not have as severe cases of CF. If you don't have to do treatments or take enzymes or have diabetes too, good for you. You are blessed. Not others are as blessed. As CFers we should embrace other CFers because who knows better what they have to go through. I found a quote recently that I really love. It goes:

"You are not obligated to do everything a healthy person does.  You are not obligated to be an inspiration.  You are not obligated to hide your illness in order to make other people comfortable.  You are allowed to know your limits.  You are allowed to have bad days.  You are allowed to stay in bed if you can’t get up to do anything but go to the bathroom.  It is not your fault if other people leave you because of your illness.  It is not your fault that you are sick.  You don’t have to apologize for something that is out of your control." -unknown

I really do love this.

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