Thursday, January 16, 2014

It sickens me to see CFers so hateful

Hey y'all! This blog is a more serious one than the past. I'm completely and utterly disgusted with the way the CF community acts towards one another. I started going to online CF forums and places like CF confessions to be able to relate to people like me. I wanted people I could talk to and share my feelings with. These people should be the ones who understand and support you. But sadly they are not. It disappoints me to see CFers tearing other CFers down. You cannot post how you feel, your deep feelings that you cannot tell others, without getting trashed. It's sad and frankly I don't want to be apart of such a nasty community. So if you're one of those people who feel the need to tear others down, leave my blog and do not come back. I do not put others down and I will not allow that to go on. I want a blog where people can comment and share their feelings no matter without being downed. You do not know what battles others are fighting. You have no right to judge others. What's even more disappointing is seeing adults with CF doing this to one another. It's childish and nasty. I came to these websites looking for acceptance but now I do not want anything to do with those people. CFers should stand together, should fight together. We should be supporting other CFers. People need to grow up. This just makes me sick. My blog is an accepting place to share your feelings if you so wish. Nasty comments and downing will not be tolerated here. It's just downright hateful. Pathetic really. Anyone else notice this kind of behavior going on? Does it not bother you? We need to stand together and eliminate this hate!

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