Sunday, January 12, 2014

In need of a boat...or a new apartment!

Wow two posts in one day...I am already doing better than last time.
I am currently living in an apartment in Charleston. If y'all know anything about Charleston, you know that when it rains, it floods. I have the perfect flood joke..ready for it?
Need an ark?...I Noah guy. Hahahahahaha! 
See, my apartment is on the first floor and right by the main doors to the building. Since I have lived there, which has only been a month, my apartment has flooded 5 times (no lie). But my apartment does not fill up with water from the rain coming in under my door or anything. The water that soaks the floors in my apartment comes from an interior wall. Apparently a pipe that comes off the roof is rusted out in the walls in the apartment above me. Every time it rains the carpet in my apartment becomes soaking wet. When I walk on it, little puddles form around my feet.

 This is a problem. This water problem has caused mold everywhere on the walls. I cannot even imagine how molded the carpet must be underneath.

Now y'all are probably wondering why I don't just ask the landlord to fix it...well I have...multiple times. It still has not been fixed. These guys come in with a shop vac every time and shop vac my carpet a little. Then they take some bleach and rub my walls down. They even tore a wall down but did nothing else. They refuse to do anything else.

Now I know, I know, with my CF this is a serious problem. I mean MOLD everywhere?! Not good for my lungs. I can tell it takes a toll on me because I feel awful just being there or maybe its just the fact that it feels like I am in a tropical rain forest when I am there. I cannot get the landlord to see this as a serious problem nor can I get her to do anything about the mold or carpets. They need to be ripped up for real. So I am currently looking for a new place to live for around the same, if not lower price. Preferably a place that does not flood every time it rains. I am so over having to wear shoes to get to my kitchen. If anyone is interested in living in a rain forest or an apartment on the water, literally, please contact me, I know the perfect place.

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