Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eats like a grown man, looks like a little girl

Hey y'all! It's getting chilly down here in the South! Schools have already been canceled for tomorrow in my hometown. That means every store in South Carolina is out of eggs, milk, and bread. Good thing none of those things are on my list for my big grocery trip tomorrow!
Even though I'm a college student, I like to eat real food. I do not like junk food (no desserts or chips for me! Everyone always thinks I'm weird for that) and I just could not fathom eating ramen noodles every meal. So my grocery bills are a tad high because I like to make good meals every night. I'm learning to shop smart and make my grocery bill as small as I can so if y'all have any suggestions or advice on budgeting groceries or using coupons please feel free to comment. I'm going to keep trying myself and hope I get the hang of it. Maybe I can help another college student out there like me.  Maybe I'll even share some of my college kid recipes.
I have a small accomplishment I'd like to share. I ate 2060 calories just for lunch!!! Oh it's the small things in life worth celebrating haha! That would be a salad, bacon cheddar potato, and 2 chicken sandwiches all from Wendy's. I have the worst luck gaining weight. I haven't gained weight in about 6 years. Even a feeding tube did not put any weight on me! It is just down right impossible. I feel like I will never reach 90 pounds. I'm hovering about 84-86 on a good day. I know CFers have trouble gaining weight but does anyone else have that much trouble? Can anyone relate? Does anyone have any solutions?
Another thing is I've switched enzymes many times due to stomach problems. I've been creon, ultrase, pancrease, and I'm currently on zenpep. My enzymes make my stomach bloat out huge, like 8 months pregnant huge, no lie. I'm embarrassed to walk around after I eat. My stomach also kills me and is very uncomfortable, like severe gas pain inside. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do?
I've asked a lot of questions this post but any help would certainly be a blessing!  Thanks in advance y'all!

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't been putting any pictures in. I have plenty I want to share, but I just do not know how on earth to do that on my gosh darn iPhone.


  1. I used to have bloat problems too. One thing that cuts out the bloat, for me, is trying not to add too much fat to a specific meal. I know, we need fat, but I realized if I "overdosed" on fat my body couldn't handle it and I would bloat. I eat a high fat diet, but try to spread it out throughout the day so I am never getting too much fat at one sitting which means I have lots of mini-meals between my "real" meals. Good luck! Gaining weight can be a full time job!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice! I'll definitely try to disperse my fat intake over the day. I just cannot stand this bloating, it's awful!