Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gypsy soul and overthinking brain

This post is really just me thinking out loud. One thing y'all should know about me I that I stress. I stress big time, like a lot, especially when making decisions. I just think about decisions too much I believe. I'm constantly weighing both sides of a decision until I drive myself crazy. Decisions like changing my major or transferring colleges or where I want to live have literally sent me into a stress induced ball of tears. Although, having been to 3 colleges so far, you wouldn't think that. It's like nothing I decide on makes me happy for very long. I'm constantly changing mind. I always want to go somewhere new, study something else. A gypsy soul perhaps? I want to change majors again, to child life, but only one college offers it in my state. Surprisingly, it is not one of the three I already tried. I just don't know. I really hate being so indecisive.
I'd really love to just open a bakery right now. That's my passion, baking. But I feel like I should get a degree in something. With all the credits I already have, it certainly seems like I should already have a degree in some major. It feels like I'll never graduate which is so discouraging. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Sorry y'all it's just that kind of night.

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