Saturday, March 1, 2014

End of one chapter...beginning of another

Well y'all...this week has been a stressful one. So much has went on.
I had my little brother at my apartment from Tuesday night until Friday night. He is four and quite bossy. He can be sweet too. So I had a taste of being a parent for awhile. He had some spells. He did not want to go to bed. He was also sick which kept him grumpy and unable to sleep well. Despite all this, I decided to take him for a walk to a park to see cannons and the water. Big mistake on my part. It was cold. After we get about 10 minutes away, it starts to rain. Now it had rained earlier that day but had stopped. Then my little brother steps into a puddle and gets his shoe wet. It all went downhill from there. He has a breakdown. He takes his shoe off and will not put it back on. After taking his shoe off, he then proceeds to get his sock wet. He starts screaming and crying in the middle of the sidewalk with people all around. He will not move. He will not put his shoe on. Finally, I get his shoe back on but the crying continues for 20 minutes. The breakdown ended after I bought him some Reese's. So best big sister award. But to be fair, he did tell me "I'm sorry I wouldn't put my shoe back on sissy" later on.

In other news, I moved out of my moldy, wet apartment. I had to move home so that stinks. I am constantly searching for a new apartment. It is hard to move back home after living on your own. This will be like the 4 time I have done this. But hopefully I find a place soon!

Now I am sick. But doctor's on Tuesday!

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