Sunday, January 25, 2015

Typical college girl wardrobe

Hey y'all!
So I'm a college student, obviously. I usually do not get that dressed up for class. I wear what pretty much every other girl on campus wears. Does that make me "basic"? Probably. Do I care? No, I do not. So all you girls going to college listen up....this is what you'll probably wear.  I figured I would take you through a few of my favorite things to wear:

  • Leggings- black ones. To all those guys who think girls wear the same black leggings everyday.... I have 8 pairs of plain black leggings. I used to be one of those "leggings are not pants" girls, then I wore leggings as pants. Life Changed. Leggings are life.
  • Yoga pants- black ones. They look good on my butt and they're comfortable. Win/Win. No, I have not actually done yoga in them.
  • Boots- to go with my leggings during winter
  • Tennis shoes- go with leggings, norts, and yoga pants
  • Norts- for all those who do not know, that means Nike Shorts. They are comfortable. I have many pairs. Yes they are running shorts... No I do not run except to food.
  • Big T-shirts/long sleeve shirts- They go with norts and leggings. They also hide my big CF stomach after I eat.
  • Fleece Vest- It has my monogram on it.  It keeps me warm. Speaking of monograms:
  • Monogram everything- Because if you don't monogram it, it is not yours. (I'm from the south y'all, my car has a monogram.)
  • Pearl earrings- With everything. Pearls go with everything.
  • A school hat- because sometimes the hair just doesn't cooperate 
Based on the workout clothes I wear, you may believe that I go to the gym and run when I get out of class. Please do not let it fool you. It is just an appearance.

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