Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back and better than ever (sort of)

Hey y'all! It has been awhile but I have had so much going on lately. Well y'all know I got out of that nasty apartment (Yay!), and I have finally found somewhere else to live! Its a cute little house. I am so excited. Living at home is just not for me anymore.

I also started back with school! I am taking online classes this summer to catch up but I plan on graduating in a year and a half (double yay)! I am a hospitality management major now which will help with running my dream bakery. My books were so expensive (boo college).

I'm still not feeling great, but hey feeling bad is the new normal right? I tried IV antibiotics for awhile and when I came off of them I felt so great....for a week and then I crashed. But that week was great. I went to Carowinds and could walk around without getting short of breath. I had a great time. Oh and when I first came off antibiotics my pfts had jumped way up and my doctors decided to cancel my transplant evaluation!!

 But my most important news is that one of my best friends finally had her baby! She is precious and all things great. The best baby in the world! I love her so so so much and I love being Aunt Chelsea.

I have also been crafting a little. I made a burlap wreath!

I think I have caught y'all up pretty much with my life. I know I make this promise a lot but I will be blogging more.

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