Thursday, July 25, 2013 rush or not to rush

When I was a freshman I had no desire to join the Greek system. After two years of watching girls sport sorority attire and the bonds of sisterhood, I'm starting to reconsider my decision. As a junior I'm now faced with the decision to rush or not to. Typically upperclassmen do not receive bids as easily as  freshmen from what I've heard. There are pros and cons to rushing for me.

  • Big group of friends/sisters
  • Connections for my future
  • Social activities
  • Fun
  • Service
  • Cost a good bit of money
  • Big time commitment
  • Might not get a bid anyways after I spend the money to rush
Although I feel it would be fun and the pros outweigh the cons as anyone can see above, I probably will not rush. As a college student and a junior at that I have to focus on school. I'm down to my classes specifically for my major.  Plus I have rent to pay and bills. Gosh I just don't know what to do.

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